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Recently, we attended the annual Legislative Kickoff Dinner that featured the Governor as well as a debate onstage moderated by Tom Hauser of Channel 5 and separate sessions of the issues discussed by MN Chamber and Legislators from both sides of the aisle. Chamber President Ed Kearney always attends with our Board Chair but due to our new Chair Kiersten Lawson being on vacation, Ed joined last year’s Past Chair Peggy Johnson at the table hosted by Dakota Electric. Together they met Chamber and business leaders from some of our largest companies in Apple Valley and business and Chamber leaders from all over the state.

This dinner marks first day of the legislative session each year and most bills and deals are negotiated and then finalized the last week or two of session.  Last year, within a week of this dinner, bill after bill was introduced with very few amendments from the minority party allowed. Bill after bill were passed and signed by the Governor.  With that session (and this session) with one party (DFL) having total control of the “trifecta” (Governor, Senate and House), this year is once again off to a fast start so your voice is critical early.

The final day of session will be May 20th. This year is also a bonding year, however while all the other bills only need a simple majority to pass, bonding bills for various projects around the state require 3/5th members to pass and are therefore more difficult to pass and requires bi-partisanship.  Many local projects are often in the bonding bill from things like general obligation projects, infrastructure, asset preservation, new roads and bridges, parks, MN Zoo etc.
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