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State Bonding Bill Just Passed This Morning

The $1.9 billion public works construction bonding bill is now headed to het Governor’s desk after months of stalemate. The Republican led State Senate voted 64-3 today in favor after the Democratic led State House voted yesterday in favor 100-34. This is very good news for infrastructure as well as MN Zoo also. Our Chamber as part of the Federation of Chambers who work with MN Chamber on state issues said it includes very good news for small businesses. It supported Section 179 federal conformity for fix this much needed fix providing $208 million in tax relief for small businesses and farmers who invest in MN operations for new equipment. MN now will follow the Federal standard. There should be no more special sessions this year after many restarts.
The following is the passed language for MN Zoo in the bonding bill, a huge relief to preserving Apple Valley. This will take the old monorail and allow for the worlds longest zoo skyway above the trees throughout the zoo and will be a major new attraction.
Subdivision 1. Total Appropriation
To the Minnesota Zoological Garden Board
for the purposes specified in this section.
Subd. 2. Asset Preservation
For capital asset preservation improvements
and betterments to infrastructure and exhibits
at the Minnesota Zoo, to be spent in
accordance with Minnesota Statutes, section
16B.307. Notwithstanding the specified uses
of money under Minnesota Statutes, section
16B.307, the board may use this appropriation
to construct and renovate trails and roads on
the Minnesota Zoo site. Notwithstanding the
specified uses of money under Minnesota
Statutes, section 16B.307, this appropriation
may be used to replace the building that
provides the entrance to the monorail structure
and to design, construct, furnish, and equip
the renovation of the monorail structure as an
elevated pedestrian trail.
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