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A quiet private ribbon cutting was conducted by many parties: CDA (Community Development Agency), County Commissioner Mary Hamann-Roland, Apple Valley Chamber President Ed Kearney and the Mayor of Apple Valley Clint Hooppaw along with Brian Rohr, the Owner/Developer and several investors for the magnificent RISOR APARTMENTS IN THE HEART OF APPLE VALLEY.
Located next to GrandStay Hotel, this 2 block long project which also sits beside a large attractive pond was a surprise inside. Owner Brian Rohr and designer Any Bollig of the Roars Companies, presented this upscale 55+ apartments as “the place to live” in downtown. Residents are just the shot in the downtown to improve commerce, fill restaurants and make it more pedestrian.
In ribbon photo from left:  Alex Sharpe (City Planning), AV Mayor Clint Hooppaw, Brian Rohr (Owner/Developer), County Commissioner Mary Hamann-Roland, CDA Official Kari Gill, Apple Valley Chamber President Ed Kearney, various employees of Rohr and/or investors and on far right Andy Bollig (Developer/Designer of Risor).
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