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Last week, Chamber President Ed Kearney was at the Capitol with other Chamber Presidents from around the state. He joined others in visiting legislators (not necessarily our own) to try and convince them that amendments should be taken by committees in order to make the proposed Paid Family Leave Bill bi-partisan and to not hurt small businesses in particular. The bill is inevitable with one party control of all three branches. We witnessed amendment after amendment being turned down except one small cap which can change and without any discussion.

Nearly a dozen states have adopted similar amendments and all are at a cap of 12 weeks (except one at 16). Ours has some employees taking up to 24 weeks and then add their vacation, resulting in over half the year not working yet paid. Small businesses need a compromise. ALL employees, including part-time, are included.

(above): This photo, taken by Chamber President Ed Kearney, was at the table with other Chamber Presidents. New Senate Minority Leader seated beside him is Senator Mark Johnson (seated w/ red flower) and standing just behind him is MN Chamber President Doug Loon.

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