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The Future Looks Bright and a great time to generate new business from other Apple Valley Chamber Members!
Since we are moving on to 2022 we are going back to our traditional Apple Valley Membership Directory format. We developed this valuable resource to offer you an efficient way to connect with other members and to learn about the other opportunities your membership offers you.
Our annual directory allows you to network with other Chamber members and work together to help grow your business! This is a part of your membership benefit and we do rely on member advertising support to publish the directory. It is time to reserve your space. Remember, this opportunity only comes around once a year!
Benefits to Advertising in the Directory:
  • High Readership from your Target Market: Members want to do business with other members. The directory allows them to quickly identify members in the category of services they are seeking. Enhancing your listing with an ad allows you to give a more in-depth look at what makes you an industry leader.
  • Cost Effective Marketing Tool: With 1/4 page ads starting at $305, for one year of exposure, this is an affordable option to add to your Marketing mix, which directly reaches your target audience.
  • Support of the Chamber: A portion of the revenue generated comes back to the Chamber for use towards benefits, programs and re-investing in the local communities. In addition, this directory is presented, when soliciting new members, to demonstrate the robust community organizations involved in our Chamber.
Please contact Kristine Richter with Adams Publishing Group, at (952) 846-2047 or at kristine.richter@apgecm.com
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