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New Vehicle Detail Center Opens in Apple Valley

QUALITY DENT REMOVAL (just behind Sam’s Club in Apple Valley) opened their new vehicle detail center called AUTOLUX PRO’S for PROFESSIONAL CLEANING, WAX AND POLISH AND FOLLOWED BY A HARD SEALANT COATING LASTING OVER 6 MONTHS. They also offer a separate service to DETAIL YOUR INTERIOR.
We watched them through the entire process from HAND WASHING, HAND “CLAY SCRUBBER” DIRT REMOVAL OF EVERY PARTICLE, HAND BUFFING, POLISHING and a last pass through “THE MAGIC COATING of CERAMIC SEALANTS.” We saw new cars and old cars being protected from UV discoloration, loss of gloss, fading, tree-sap, birds and acid rain. Dirt will just rinse off in future washings done anywhere it is so smooth. The Polishing Machine does not have any soaps, only polishing the final clear coat protection after the hand washing and detail. Ed Kearney even hugged the brushes while spinning to demonstrate how soft the brushes really are, almost like soft flannel. Watch 2-min. Video to see this a www.autobutler.com
Fix a dent or two while you are there! It can be done for as low as $50 a dent. At that rate, no need to use insurance and deductibles which raises your rates. If you were just hit with hail this past weekend, they can remove your dents at a fraction of the cost. They can even match an exact paint color to touch up any scratches also and you can keep the left-over for future touch ups. Imagine your trade in value being maximized too. If you are say a realtor with customer showings, imagine your car being perfect all the time. Call 952-456-0010 for info or an appointment done while you wait.
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