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PAT (Patricia) WHITE (John White’s Mother of White Funeral Homes) passed away recently after a long illness. The White family has grown to serve 5 communities and has brought comfort to those also losing loved ones since 1963 back to their first location in Farmington.
Pat has been married to Jim White since 1958, had 7 children, 24 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. Many of us remember a few years ago when she was honored in front of three Chambers at Lakeview Bank’s Legacy Awards where she received a coveted award and ovation for being “the ultimate volunteer” in five communities (schools, churches, charities and non-profits) for which she is best known.
Visitation will be next Wednesday, Oct. 26th and Mass and funeral Thursday Oct. 27th in Farmington (Detailed obituary with time/location attached). Apple Valley Chamber has sent flowers on behalf of our members.
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