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Joint Coffee Connection at 360 Communities

The Apple Valley Chamber together with our partners in the CHAMBER COALITION of DAKOTA COUNTY (CCDC) co-hosted a packed Coffee Connection last week at 360 COMMUNITIES.
Guests brought an amazing amount of food and other items for their food shelves. 360 Communities President & CEO Jeff Mortensen spoke about the vast and ever-expanding need to help those who, for reasons beyond their own control, need assistance be it physical, financial, legal or sustenance.
Jeff explained that 360 Communities is expanding programs in schools to try and reach out in order to keep young students from needing help in the future. He spoke of their shelters in Eagan and Hastings which are for those abused, threatened or in harms way. Laurie Bolin of 360 Communities spoke in much more detail about what businesses can do to assist. She was followed by brief comments from the Chamber Presidents of Apple Valley (Ed Kearney), Burnsville (Jennifer Harmening), Hastings (Kristy Barse, unable to attend), Lakeville (Krista Jech) and River Heights (Colleen Roth).
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