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Gov. Walz to Extend & Amend Restrictions

On our zoom conference with DEED Commissioner Steve Grove this morning, he made clear that while the Governor and Commissioners are very sensitive and sympathetic to the closings and restrictions, they are still going to:
  • Continue pausing bars/restaurants until Jan. 11th for INDOOR.
  • Outdoor will be allowed at 50% capacity, 100 person max, all SEATED (brewpubs for example or restaurants might have firepit with heat lamps but any tents or coverings must have two fully open walls for air). Outdoor dining hours are restricted to 4 – 10 pm. No party or table can be more than 4 people.
  • Homes: 10 person max, 2 families if indoor (3 if outdoor like firepit)
  • Fitness/Gyms: 25%, 100 person max, 12 feet separation, mask always.
  • Youth sports: practices may begin Jan. 4th.
  • Entertainment: remain closed indoor, 25% and max 100 outdoor.
  • Food trucks fine but no seating allowed.
Governor will also sign an aid package from the Legislature today.
January 11th they will reevaluate and try to give 1 week notice.
AID: $216 Legislature money will be direct payments to businesses affected by the lockdown and 13 week extension of unemployment ins.
  • $100 million direct aid to restaurants, gyms and fitness
  • Grants $10,000-$35,000 depending on employee count
  • $14 million direct grants to movie and convention centers
  • $102 million to COUNTIES
The Commissioner made it clear that COUNTIES HAVE A LOT OF FLEXIBILITY. They will allow county funds to not be capped, even non-profits are eligible, must have physical presence but can be a home or truck (verified as business with state). Funds not used by the county bu Mar. 15 must be returned.
There are many planning to defy the Governor’s Executive Order. He made clear that they risk loss of liquor license, and will be referred to the Attorney General. Many who are planning to open anyways were listed on action4liberty.com. He said they will be referred and asks them to all reconsider as the legislature and counties are about to give direct grants.
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