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Gov. Walz to Announce Later Today Loosed Restrictions for Minnesotans Starting Monday

APPLE VALLEY CHAMBER NOTE: The following is what we have learned about Governor Walz speaking with legislative leaders this morning about what he plans to announce to the public later today. We note that he may change and/or clarify the lifting of many restrictions somewhat and we do NOT have any clarifications about each such as for example, parameters for large indoor venues to have up to 3,000 people or what percentage of capacity such venues may use. That will all come later.

The following adjustments will go into effect on March 15 at noon and with all of these, masking and social distancing measures are still in effect which may limit some venues, restaurants and bars.
Social Gatherings
  • Up to 50 people outdoors or 15 people for indoor gatherings, both without household limits
  • Youth sports: Pod size increasing to 50 for outdoor activities
  • Religious services: Remove occupancy limit, but social distancing required
  • Celebrations: Follow venue guidance
Small Businesses
  • Bars and restaurants: Increase occupancy to 75% with a limit of 250 people. Limits apply separately indoors and outdoors and bar seating increases to parties of 4
  • Salons/barbers: Remove the occupancy limit, social still distancing required
  • Gyms/fitness centers/pools: Increase allowable occupancy to 50%, outdoor classes can increase to 50 people
  • Entertainment venues: Increase occupancy to 50% both indoors and outdoors, with a limit of 250
Large Venues
  • All venues can open at 50% capacity up to 250 people starting March 15
  • Venues with normal occupant capacity over 500 can add additional guests, effective April 1:
  • Seated outdoor venues can add an additional 25% of their capacity over 500, limit of 10,000 people
  • Non-seated outdoor venues can add an additional 15% of their capacity over 500, limit of 10,000 people
  • Seated indoor venues can add an additional 15% of their capacity over 500, with a limit of 3,000 people
  • Non-seated indoor venues can add an additional 10% of their capacity over 500, with a limit of 1,500 people
Starting April 15, employees will no longer be required to work from home, although the practice is still strongly recommended by the governor’s office and health officials. Employers are instructed to continue to accommodate employees who choose to work from home.
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