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Gathering at Warners’ Stellian at 6:50 am Including Korean War Veterans

When Jodi Kurtz, WARNERS’ STELLIAN Store Manager, Past Chamber Chair and present City Planning Commissioner came to work at 6:50 today, she had a crowd including Korean War Veterans. They said they used to always meet at McDonald’s everyday but since they can’t, they hoped they could meet at WARNERS’ STELLIAN NEXT DOOR, Jodi said “Of Course” and she spoke to them at length about how they are coping with the crisis. This is the sort of Community Spirit and neighborly goodwill Apple Valley was, is and always will be about. Jodi shared this with Chamber President Ed Kearney and Mayor Mary and we plan to go embrace their community spirit hopefully with some donuts we bring. Jodi said to us, “Maybe the silver lining to all of this will be…RESPECT ONE ANOTHER AND BE NICE TO ALL.” Thank you Warners’ Stellian for saluting our citizens of Apple Valley.

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