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Misfits Collective had a private opening late last week which we attended but the owner and us agreed to wait to show the inside. They are having private practice training currently each night. Their private groups each night for training purposes only demonstrates how serious and dedicated the owners are to making sure everything from the food, drinks, service and a well coordinated staff all are “one” professional team making the experience memorable right from the first night they open.
OPENING: JULY 5th (No one there at all July 4th)
PHOTOS: The following photos will show you the new design which is very open with walls removed, very elegant decor, classy bar area, open kitchen which uses real firewood for cooking and ovens, seating at a food bar for those wishing to see the top chefs in action, a new added roof over half the patio for shade or rain and an overall beautiful look and feel.
What will especially set them apart is their professional chefs being in such control of the menu, changes or customized and creative creations. They also own the hugely successful Bourbon Butcher in Farmington, Volstead House “Speak Easy” hidden in Eagan and 9 other restaurants in the Twin Cities, all with a unique brand and design.
Note in the photos the drink we ordered is a Paradise Margarita. Also note the private room with a fireplace for those occasions, meetings or large groups or families. Even the entire outdoor concrete floor was replaced and everything seems “casual upscale” and well thought out in design. Apple Valley is fortunate to add another “destination restaurant” such as MISFITS COLLECTIVE to draw patrons from all over the Twin Cities region.
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