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We’re pulling-punches! We caught the new signs going up at PUNCH PIZZA next to the new Texas Roadhouse and Starbucks.

Yesterday, we took photos inside. They will soon have creative artwork and murals on walls. The wood fired oven is from Italy. Employees in each location will with the owners, install hundreds of pieces of tile to each oven sort of like a signature.

Punch Pizza was started locally in Eden Prairie by John Soranno who grew up in Milan, Italy. John Puckett and his wife were the founders of CARIBOU but sold them all in 2000. They decided to partner with John Soranno because it was their favorite pizza and they drove across the Twin Cities to get to. Both John’s spent 2 weeks in Italy just to see how well they partner and to create expansion plans. They co-own the locations today with Apple Valley being 11. Below is a new patio being built.

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