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Brilliance Shines Through in Apple Valley

In Apple Valley, a system that prioritizes the alignment of the school curriculum with the needs of the local workforce plays a pivotal role in sustaining a robust local economy. By tailoring educational programs to meet the specific demands of local industries, students are better prepared to enter the job market with relevant skills, reducing the mismatch between job seekers and available positions. This not only ensures that businesses in Apple Valley have a steady supply of qualified employees, but it also reduces unemployment rates, leading to increased economic activity. As businesses thrive due to the availability of skilled labor, they contribute more to the local economy through taxes, investments, and community engagements, further driving economic growth.

Where Education and Workforce Meet

Begin by conducting a comprehensive needs assessment to understand the current state of the education system and the specific requirements of the local workforce. Engage stakeholders, including educators, parents, students, and local businesses, to identify gaps and set clear, measurable goals for the school system.
Curriculum Development and Alignment
Design a curriculum that aligns with the needs of the local workforce. This involves integrating vocational and technical training programs, ensuring that students acquire both soft and hard skills relevant to local industries, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptability.
Partnerships with Local Businesses and Industries
Establish strong partnerships with local businesses and industries to provide students with real-world experiences. This can include internships, apprenticeships, job shadowing, and guest lectures. Such collaborations ensure that the education system remains relevant to the evolving needs of the local workforce.
Continuous Evaluation and Feedback Loop
Implement a system for regular evaluation of educational outcomes and their alignment with workforce needs. Gather feedback from graduates, employers, and educators to refine the curriculum, teaching methodologies, and other aspects of the school system. This iterative process ensures that the education system remains effective and responsive to the changing demands of the local workforce.

Near Top Schools in the U.S.

Without a doubt, the #1 reason people make Apple Valley the place for a lifetime is we have one of the TOP SCHOOL DISTRICTS in MINNESOTA or the COUNTRY. Just ask most realtors and they will tell you there is a “premium” on being in the district.

Independent School District #196, fourth largest school district in Minnesota is comprised of over 28,000 students in Apple Valley, Eagan and Rosemount from a population base of 151,000. The district keeps winning national awards year after year.

District 196 is located in the southern suburbs of Minneapolis and St. Paul. It is the fourth largest school district in Minnesota, serving approximately 28,000 students and more than 150,000 total residents. The district’s 110 square miles encompass all or part of the cities of RosemountApple ValleyEaganBurnsville, Coates, Inver Grove Heights and Lakeville, and Empire and Vermillion townships.

District 196 has 19 elementary schools (grades K-5); six middle schools (grades 6-8); four high schools (grades 9-12); an optional School of Environmental Studies at the Minnesota Zoo for juniors and seniors; an Area Learning Center alternative high school for those more successful in a non-traditional setting; a K-12 special education school for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities (Dakota Ridge), and a special education school serving young adults ages 18-21 (Transition Plus). Five of the district’s elementary schools and one middle school are magnet schools that offer focused instruction around the themes of arts and science, international studies, leadership and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). The district also operates two learning centers (Cedar Valley and Dakota Valley) that provide early childhood and Adult Basic Education, and offers robust community education programs and classes for life-long learners of all ages.

District 196 has high academic standards and expectations, and a record of outstanding student achievement both in and out of the classroom. The district has a comprehensive curriculum, outstanding teachers, supportive communities and a high level of parent involvement. District 196 has a graduation rate of 92 percent and approximately 90 percent of graduates indicate plans to continue their education after high school.

District 196 is consistently recognized as a responsible steward of the public’s investment in its schools. The district has earned the Meritorious Budget Award and Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting numerous times from the Association of School Business Officials International.

Education Demographics


Apple Valley is proud to represent healthy demographics that sustain an effective school system:

School Data Visualization

  • 29,000 students
  • 155,000 total residents
  • 36% students of color (33% statewide)
  • 23% of students qualify for free or reduced-price school meals (37% statewide)
  • 15% of students receive special education services (16% statewide)
  • 7% of students qualify for English Learner services (8% statewide)
  • 40% of district households have preschool and/or school-age children
  • 87% of school-age students who live in the district attend district schools, one of the highest “capture rates” in the Twin Cities