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Dakota County Waives Late Property Tax Penalty

APPLE VALLEY CHAMBER NOTE: We have been working with MN Chamber through joint letters and meetings in trying to get a statewide Property Tax Relief which is due May 15th. The State ruled they would leave it to Counties to decide. We partnered with the City of Apple Valley who appealed to the county for the relief.
DAKOTA COUNTY – Yesterday the COUNTY HAS GIVEN PARTIAL PROPERTY TAX RELIEF BY EFFECTIVELY WAIVING THE PENALTIES THROUGH JULY 15th. If not paid by then, full penalties will apply. Our Board asked that we try to have the extension continue through the fall which we will pursue.
Dakota County waives property tax late payment penalty.
No penalty for non-escrowed payments received through July 15.
Dakota County is waiving a penalty for some property tax payments due May 15.
Recognizing that property owners may be impacted financially by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, April 28 approved a property tax penalty abatement for the first half of 2020 property taxes. The penalty for late payment is waived through July 15, 2020.
The penalty relief applies to all non-escrowed residential, agricultural, vacant rural, open space, apartment, commercial and industrial property. Taxes paid through an escrow service, and properties classified as utility, railroad, machinery and transmission lines are excluded from the waiver.
Property owners who are able to pay their property taxes by the due date are encouraged to do so to help support county, school and city responses to COVID-19.
For more information, visit www.dakotacounty.us, search property taxes.
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