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Apple Valley State of the City 2024: Celebrating Growth, Community, and Future Goals

Apple Valley’s State of the City address for 2024 highlights a year of remarkable progress and exciting plans for the future. From significant business growth and community partnerships to robust public safety initiatives and innovative public works projects, the city is thriving. With the approval of a major parks referendum and ongoing community development efforts, Apple Valley continues to enhance its appeal as a vibrant place to live, work, and play. Explore the highlights and learn how these developments are shaping a prosperous future for all residents, visitors, and businesses.


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Public Safety

Committed to proactive community engagement
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Parks and Recreation

preserving natural resources and providing residents with top-notch recreational experiences
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Financial Stability

Excelling in financial stability, maintaining one of the lowest tax rates in the Twin Cities Metro
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Community Events

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Chamber of Commerce Highlights:

The Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce had a successful year, highlighted by a “speak-easy” themed gala event and the largest Home and Garden Expo south of the river with a crowd of over 5,000 at Eastview High School. The Chamber facilitated nearly 50 ribbon-cutting events in the last year, reflecting a significant influx of new businesses. 



“Without a Chamber, your business would be an island.”

City Council and Partnerships

City council members are recognized for their hard work and dedication, contributing significantly to the city’s progress. The partnerships with local schools are celebrated, with acknowledgment of the staff and principals’ efforts. Dakota County’s support and collaboration with state and federal representatives are also appreciated, highlighting the importance of these relationships in the city’s development.



Effective leadership and strong partnerships are crucial for cohesive community development. The recognition of city council members and collaboration with local schools and county representatives ensure that diverse community needs are met, resulting in improved public services, educational opportunities, and infrastructure that benefit residents, visitors, and businesses alike.

Public Safety

The Apple Valley Police Department has seen a record hiring of new officers, introducing comprehensive training programs and engaging with the community through events like the autism acceptance campaign and a departmental podcast. The Fire Department has responded to over 2,300 calls, including fires and medical emergencies, and made health and safety improvements at fire stations. Both departments are committed to proactive community engagement and continuous improvement.



A robust public safety infrastructure ensures the well-being and security of Apple Valley residents and visitors. The hiring of new police officers and proactive community engagement activities foster trust and safety, while the fire department’s readiness and improvements guarantee effective emergency response. This creates a secure environment that supports community confidence and attracts businesses.

Public Works

Public Works announced the upcoming construction of a new police operations facility, enhancing the city’s infrastructure. Efforts to mitigate groundwater contamination from PFAS chemicals are ongoing, ensuring the safety of the water supply. The city achieved the highest level in the state’s GreenStep Cities program for the third consecutive year, reflecting its commitment to sustainability and quality of life improvements.



Efficient public works are the backbone of a well-functioning city. The construction of new facilities and proactive environmental measures ensure that infrastructure keeps pace with growth while safeguarding public health. Achieving high sustainability standards through programs like GreenStep Cities demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship, enhancing the city’s appeal and livability.

Parks and Recreation

Residents of Apple Valley overwhelmingly supported a parks referendum, enabling significant improvements to parks, trails, and recreational facilities. Planned updates include new playground equipment, resurfaced courts, and repaved trails, alongside new projects like a youth baseball complex and additional pickleball courts. These enhancements aim to preserve natural resources and provide residents with top-notch recreational experiences.



Quality parks and recreational facilities are vital for the physical and mental well-being of residents. The approved parks referendum allows for significant improvements that will enhance community spaces, promote active lifestyles, and preserve natural resources. These upgrades make Apple Valley an attractive place for families and individuals, fostering a sense of community and well-being.

Community Development

Apple Valley’s Community Development Department reported a phenomenal year, with over $97 million worth of building permits issued in 2023. The city welcomed numerous new business development, including Pepsi’s Frito Lay Distribution Center, several business parks, Lunds & Byerly’s, HealthPartners new health campus, Uponor’s major expansion including their new experience center for nationwide contractor training, alongside major redevelopment projects in Orchard Place and the new English Avenue extension. New housing developments, such as Eagle Pointe and Applewood Pointe senior cooperative, are also underway, contributing to the city’s growth.



Dynamic community development drives economic growth and improves living standards. The substantial investment in new buildings and businesses in Apple Valley not only expands the local economy but also creates job opportunities. Housing developments and mixed-use projects cater to diverse needs, ensuring that the city remains a vibrant and desirable place to live, work, and visit.



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Wings Credit Union

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Lifeway Chiropractic & Wellness

Chafin Vet

Foss Swim School

Pahl’s Market

Advanced Body Sculpting &


Concierge Medicine of MN

Dave’s Hot Chicken


NOTE: There were numerous other new business openings as the Chamber only hosts ribbon cuttings for those who request it.

Financial Stability

Apple Valley continues to excel in financial stability, maintaining one of the lowest tax rates in the Twin Cities Metro and holding two AAA bond ratings, a rare distinction among Minnesota cities. These top bond ratings reflect the city’s strong economy and fiscal management practices. Multi-year budgeting and long-term capital improvement planning ensure that Apple Valley remains financially stable, benefiting current and future residents.

Apple Valley is also in the enviable financial position of having a AAA bond rating, one of only 10 cities out of 854 cities in Minnesota to receive this top credit rating by both Standard and Poor as well as Moody’s. This allows for the lowest possible borrowing cost for such projects as the new firehouse, the recent voter approved referendum to rebuild our parks and facilities.



Financial stability ensures that Apple Valley can continue to provide high-quality services without burdening residents with high taxes. Maintaining low tax rates and holding top bond ratings reflect prudent fiscal management, which attracts businesses and residents, ensuring sustained economic growth and a high quality of life.

Future Goals

The city of Apple Valley is committed to ongoing development and redevelopment, aiming to enhance the community while maintaining its attractiveness. Efforts focus on catalyzing economic growth, revitalizing aging districts, ensuring an ample supply of housing, and attracting skilled professionals and exciting businesses. Public safety remains a top priority, with proactive measures to maintain a safe and welcoming downtown area. The Parks and Recreation staff are diligently planning projects following the successful parks referendum, ensuring the community’s active and healthy lifestyle for years to come. Additionally, a redesign of the city’s website is underway to improve efficiency and user experience.



Setting and pursuing clear future goals ensures that Apple Valley can adapt to changing needs and continue to thrive. Economic development, public safety, park improvements, and enhanced communication strategies all contribute to a robust community framework. These goals help maintain a high quality of life, attract new residents and businesses, and ensure that the city remains resilient and prosperous.

Community Events

Apple Valley is set to host several exciting community events, including the annual Freedom Days celebration and Fourth of July parade, featuring food, fun, and spectacular fireworks. The Apple Valley Arts Foundation continues to bring the community together with events like Music in Kelley Park. New initiatives, such as a fall food truck event at Kelley Park, are also planned, providing more opportunities for residents to engage and enjoy local festivities.



Community events play a crucial role in fostering a sense of belonging and civic pride. Events like Freedom Days and Music in Kelley Park bring residents and visitors together, enhancing social cohesion and community spirit. New initiatives, such as the fall food truck event, offer additional opportunities for engagement and enjoyment, making Apple Valley a lively and attractive destination for all.