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Chamber Luncheon with Superintendent Mary Kreger, District #196

Our new Independent School District 196 Superintendent Mary Kreger who has been Superintendent for over a year and a half, gave a friendly and sincere presentation at our Apple Valley Chamber Luncheon.  It was a mix of learning more about her background as well as her current promotion of the Nov. 5th Levy Referendum about to go before voters. Mary in our opinion gave a presentation which was fact filled and gave both sides of the story of what will happen – pass or fail. We have not taken a position on the Levy but want to communicate that the average home in Apple Valley, Eagan and Rosemount will have their school taxes increase by about $300 per year. Businesses will also be taxed based upon value which can be calculated on their website.  They said businesses will be at the same scale as residents and you can see their chart on their site to calculate your increase. Keep in mind, when you see “Levy,” it means operating expenses and when you see “Bonding,” it means for capitol or infrastructure improvements. This one is for levy and a few years ago, bonding was passed to improve school safety as well as remodel many of the schools entrances in particular. Please vote on Nov. 5th.

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