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Chamber Luncheon with Guest Speaker Nora Slawik, Chair of the MET Council

Nora Slawik, Governor appointed Chair of the MET Council (Metropolital Council), spoke last week to Apple Valley Chamber and didn’t disappoint. After telling our members all the massive roles of the MET Council controls from transit, (BRT, Light Rail, most regional buses, water disposal and controlling a uniform growth and expansion of the Twin Cities), she spoke of our bright future plans ahead. She was particularly impressed with all the growth in Apple Valley which is planned nearby our transit. Apple Valley built the first BRT Transit in Minnesota to great success and a model for other communities planning the same. She also addressed audience questions about the service levels not always being responsive and she said she personally is looking into improving the experience and addressing the homeless who often take advantage of the warmth in a cold climate. As a former Mayor and as a former Legislator Chair Slawik has a deep respect for businesses and our role in making any growth happen.

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