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Chamber Luncheon with Guest Speaker Charles Zelle, Chair of the MET Council

Charlie Zelle was the MNDOT Commissioner since 2012 was thrilled to be back in Apple Valley. He just started as MET COUNCIL CHAIR a few weeks ago after being appointed by the Governor. He also was our guest speaker his first week as MNDOT Commissioner in 2012 and sees us as a leading community being 1st to have BRT Transit in MN and now again with our explosive growth. He expressed a special sensitivity to suburban transit riders also having autos and he will try hard to make transits safer and the choice of families. MET COUNCIL’S strategic role in approving all development, water, waste water, transit and all seven county Cities 2040 COMPREHENSIVE PLANS helps keep the Twin Cities region maintaining minimal standards and smarter planning and efficiencies. Thank you to all our members who helped us welcome Charlie back to Apple Valley.

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