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Note: The County will present their final recommendations to City Council at their informal meeting next week.
We want to assure you that our Chamber has participated regularly on an 42 Advisory Committee with the County concerning County Road 42 in order to ensure your interests and voice is heard. The City of Apple Valley has also participated and our recommendations are nearly identical. We also have been involved on your behalf on changes considered for Cedar through Apple Valley and up to Mall of America but that we will address Cedar in the future.
We’ve included this final 42 plan for you to review (below). This past year both the Chamber and City assisted with multiple recommendations. The County will present the most recent changes to the City at their informal meeting next week.
These are 20 year plans as the County is still currently following their 1999 Plan. Their most recent memo stated they agree to only add major changes as traffic growth and housing increase with this mostly affecting Rosemount where two months ago a traffic light was added to 42 and Akron just west of Dakota County Technical College. There are 3 more lights planned for that Rosemount stretch up to Hwy. 52. (Note: We were asked by a major company in Rosemount to advise them on the original plan to restrict access westbound on 42 near 52. Those changes are being considered now with access roads in order to allow their large rigs full east/west access.). Input now can make a huge difference.
Key items Apple Valley Chamber wants to point out:
  • FUTURE CEDAR / 42 OVERPASS: Due to traffic counts of 80,000/day at Cedar & 42, a grade separation will be planned (bridge). Both the Chamber and the City has made it clear that the design which currently plans a light at the top of the bridge could back up traffic back onto Cedar as far as 147th. They are looking at many designs and this may be years away but once items are in the plans, they tend to not change.
  • GARRETT & 42: The light that was to eventually be removed at Garrett across 42 from US Bank was slated to eventually be removed with only left or right off 42 and not across (3/4 intersection that is called much like in front of Sam’s on 42 where you can go left or right but not across). Strong feedback on that intersection now has them keeping the signaled light through 2040.
  • ELM DRIVE & 42: The signaled light at Elm Drive (just before Burnsville on 42) is planned to be removed and an underpass put in for students, pedestrians and those going to/from Redwood Community Center pool and park.
  • PILOT KNOB & 42: With massive growth in the gravel mines both commercially and residential plus all the growth in Lakeville and Farmington will require a reconfiguration of the intersection in front of the cemetery. One consideration is a roundabout at this intersection.
  • GARDEN VIEW TO 147TH NEAR BACHMAN’S: 42 in front of Walmart and west to past Flowerama is very old and will be reconfigured to change access roads on both sides of 42 to be one-way in order to add space to upgrade for walkers, pedestrians, bicycles. Traffic on 42 is 36,000 vehicles per day but is up to 40% less than the 1999 Plan had anticipated.


Apple Valley 42 Changes:

Rosemount 42 Changes:

Burnsville 42 Changes:

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