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Welcome to Apple Valley: Where Business Thrives and Communities Flourish

Discover the beating heart of commerce in Apple Valley, Minnesota—a vibrant suburban powerhouse where innovation meets tradition. Nestled along the scenic Minnesota River, our city boasts a dynamic business community generating nearly $1 billion in annual commercial activity. From our bustling downtown, adorned with iconic red-iron fences and lampposts, to our forward-thinking initiatives like the first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line in the state, Apple Valley sets the standard for suburban excellence. With accolades such as being named the 20th Best Place to Live in the US and boasting Chamber membership twice the national average, our city is not just a destination but a testament to the collaborative spirit between government, businesses, and residents. Join us in Apple Valley, where innovation thrives and futures flourish.

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Influencing Elections of Local and State Leaders
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A Central Powerhouse

Apple Valley, Minnesota boasts commercial activity of nearly $1 billion annually
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Including the central corridor of Cedar Avenue
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A Central Suburban Powerhouse

Apple Valley, Minnesota boasts commercial activity of nearly $1 billion annually, and that doesn’t include such heavyweights as our downtown Wings Financial Credit Union (formerly NW Airlines Credit Union) which values at $3.6 billion.

We’ve created a strong central downtown which boasts 21 financial institutions, hundreds of stores and services with a circular “Ring Route” around our downtown marked by red-iron attractive fences and red lampposts. By design, our residential areas are relatively commercial-free in order to concentrate our downtown area into an all-commercial hub. We are trying now to mix Transit Oriented Housing into downtown living.

Chamber Membership Twice the National Average

With nearly 60,000 residents, Apple Valley has over 600 businesses with more than half as members of the Chamber of Commerce, more than twice the national average for Chamber participation.

Influencing Elections of Local and State Leaders

Every two years, Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce hosts Candidate Forums where the businesses present and the public on Facebook Live or local access TV can hear a debate from candidates. These include those running for City Council, County Commissioner, Minnesota House and Minnesota State races. We also, in partnership with our nearby chambers, feature congressional debates. For example, Minnesota political expert Blois Olson moderated the last congressional forum.

20th Best Place to Live in the US

Apple Valley was named 20th Best Place to Live (also 2007, 2008 & 2010 top 30). This highly prestigious ranking is due to our strong business community, strong work ethic, our top school district, zoo and collaboration of the city and chamber.

Why We’re So Independent

Although Apple Valley’s border is just 5 minutes from Minnesota’s largest mall, the Minnesota River between us both has actually helped build Apple Valley into a self-sufficient community. The small old bridge that used to go over the river inspired us to become almost totally independent. People feel little need to go “north of the river” but for professional sports, a concert or occasional play. We aren’t a bedroom community anymore but rather “the entire house.” Life is good here!

First Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Line in Minnesota

We’ve also expanded our central corridor of Cedar Avenue which as of 2013 has dedicated lanes, priority signaling and every 15-minute run times for the 1st BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) in Minnesota.

Looking and acting like Light-Rail, but coming in at one-tenth the cost, our downtown is undergoing a renaissance of higher density housing, pedestrian shops, bike paths, restaurants, entertainment and an overall improvement of life.

Our Future is Looking Up, “Uptown”

In 2011, Apple Valley Chamber President Ed Kearney co-chaired with our Mayor, the hosting of the American Institute of Architects redesign study. One of only 5 nationwide cities to win their grant for the study, they twice came here to study for weeks about how Apple Valley can be a city of the future. The results are astounding and took in the input of businesses, residents and chamber and city.

We will actively rewrite our laws to accommodate more of an “Uptown Design” which will attract more millennials and Gen-X’ers. We’ll grow four distinct business quadrants downtown, each with their own design, zoning, ordinances and personality. And as our citizens grow their families, our vast array of traditional housing is just a short walk or trail away to grow in. And our empty-nesters can co-mingle with quaint downtown housing, transit, dining, shopping and pedestrian accommodations. We keep generations close and families even closer.

This new design combined with our present $1 billion dollar commercial downtown and our world-class school district, “paints a bright red-apple wholesome” future for our residents and daily workforce.

Apple Seeds Sprout New Growth

The Chamber has been involved in helping plan it all for 53 years and is planning the next 50. If New York is the Big Apple and Minneapolis the “Minne” Apple, our nickname should reflect our shiny future. Certainly, we’re an “Apple Seed” sprouting new growth. Nestled conveniently equidistant between Minneapolis and St. Paul, we are truly “A Place For A Lifetime.”

So What is a Chamber of Commerce Exactly?

It doesn’t matter what your industry is or what business you are in, support is key. Support from like-minded people can help you to find success. There are many resources that we all tap into, like online groups or social media, but a largely untapped resource is on the community level. The Chamber of Commerce in your local community can be a huge untapped resource.

Most communities have a Chamber of Commerce. The goal of any Chamber is to help to further the interests of small businesses in a local area. The activities can range from hosting events, to communicating with and visiting local legislators to charitable works for the betterment of the community.

How Can it Help You?

As a small business owner it is imperative that you network. The Chamber of Commerce gives you the opportunity to meet with other local business owners and network. Of course they also present business owners in a positive light to the community.

The Chamber of Commerce is essential to the growth and in some cases the revitalization of a local area. Through frequent communications with our legislators and grant preparation activities the Chamber of Commerce can help to find some much needed funding to improve a local area.

Many people use their local Chamber as an authority to find products and services. Of course promotion spills over to your ability to market business to business because you will have access to the list of other business owner members.

Exclusive advertising perks are also a benefit of the Chamber of Commerce. In many local publications members of the Chamber of Commerce are listed. It also adds credibility to your business when you are a member.

The Chamber of Commerce should be viewed as your business partner. It is a valuable tool for any small business owner and it should be fully embraced.

Membership is a Benefit. Involvement is a competitive advantage

If the Chamber closed its doors, …You would start a new Chamber within a year as at every level, regulation, rising taxation, and fees would occur



Imagine businesses not talking or getting together weekly and monthly. There would be no partnerships, no collective voice and no one to call to solve your issues be it an issue just affecting you or everyone. And there would be no awards for excellence at the least.

You may prefer one airline due to scheduling, price, personal service, styles, miles or smiles. Yet their #1 Purpose and Mission is to get you safely to your destination. A Chamber’s weekly events, promotions, mar, city-wide events, marketing, visibility and friendships are nice but our #1 Purpose & Mission is to keep all levels of government accountable and getting you to your destination, profit. Hardly a week passes where we aren’t solving business issues for one business quietly or for all businesses very publicly.