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Both BEST BUY IN APPLE VALLEY and BEST BUY BURNSVILLE will close on March 2nd. In addition, their Shakopee and Blaine stores will close, however the Blaine store will reopen as an Outlet Store. 12 days ago we saw a list of many stores in many states to close but we couldn’t verify it as authentic.

In October 2020, Best Buy Apple Valley reallocated 2/3 of the Apple Valley location to use as a warehouse and distribution center for their huge online business that boomed during COVID. The entire store is now closing.

This is a big loss for Apple Valley on the 4th business traffic corner in Minnesota. We did not see any further information on the closing on their website or social media but today they posted the closing sign at their store. They will be missed as they have been excellent and generous to Apple Valley as corporate citizens.

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