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Over the last 3 days, the last fire truck bay from the former building at Fire Station #2 that served as a temporary station during construction, has been razed. Landscaping the exterior begins immediately.

The City designated June 14th as move in day for the centrally located newly constructed Firehouse #2 at the corner of 140th & Galaxie Ave. Constructed originally in 1979 with some renovations in 2003, this new station saves money by not having to completely expand or replace Firehouses #1 and #3 due to the new training capabilities, decontamination, administrative and health precautions especially from chemical contamination after fires. In addition, it prevents the need for a 4th station. There will even be limited residential spaces so that response times are even faster as well as various windows, balconies and more onsite features and classrooms for training. Inside will be simulated training features to rescue from buildings, apartment balconies etc.

The City with its coveted AAA ratings, the highest from Standard & Poor and also Moody’s Investor Service is very careful and prudent with budgeting. Only 1.2% of Minnesota Cities received that high of rating. They used Capital Improvement Bonds spread out over 4 years for both construction of the new Station #2 as well as upgrades to the stations #1 & #3. They budgeted $550K in 2021, $2.5 million in 2022, $3 million in 2023 and $500K in 2024 for other fire stations reconfiguration. CNH Architects in Apple Valley is an award winning firm and designed the new firehouse and the new firehouses in Burnsville, Eagan, Plymouth, Roseville and Mendota Heights as all were consulted for recommendations.

(above): The old firehouse #2

These long-needed upgrades to our massively growing city nearing 60,000 residents and especially with massive and higher apartment buildings, will improve response times, training, keep insurance rates lower and improve safety for all our dedicated firefighters.

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