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Approved last September, this $20 million project using Capitol Improvement Projects Funds from 2021 bonds has begun with massive tree clearing to accommodate this new 30,000 sq ft Firehouse and Training Center.
Located at the northwest corner of 140th and Galaxie Ave, this new firehouse will better serve our nearby business community, nearby high schools and gradeschools, the entire north side Apple Valley homes, apartments and condos and the massive Minnesota Zoo.
The current station will be razed completely to make room for a new environmentally friendly complex that also takes firefighter safety in mind. Few of us realize the contaminants that firefighters take in on their trucks, equipment and current open mezzanine areas of quarters, offices and training which will now be separate from any hidden health dangers. This new station will also help facilitate better recruiting which is always a challenge. The other two fire stations in Apple Valley will also make many of these improvements as needed.
(above): Artist rendition of the new Fire Station. The City has once again selected local “CNH Architects” for this huge project as they have for so many projects over the years.
If you travel around Eagan, Lakeville, Bloomington and other cities, all have the most modern new firehouses and Apple Valley is fortunate to be conducting upgrades and modernizing right when our population is exploding, not to mention keeping everyone’s insurance costs lower. We will show you more photos as the project unfolds.
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