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Alcohol To-Go & Hotel Reopening Strategies

On a vote of 129-1, the House passed “Alcohol-to-Go” legislation on Friday, and Governor Walz has signed it.  Alcohol sales with take-out orders were allowed as of 12:01 am on Saturday, April 18.
What you need to do:
  • Hold a qualifying license, meaning you have an on-sale intoxicating liquor or an on-sale wine license issued under the relevant Minnesota Statutes.
  • Notify your insurance provider that you intend to sell take-out alcohol as part of your take-out operations.
  • Be aware that your municipality may elect to prohibit off-sale of alcoholic beverages authorized by this bill.
  • Confirm that the person picking up the food and beverage order is 21 years of age or older.
What is allowed:
  • Off-sales of up to 72 ounces of malt liquor, hard seltzer and cider and 750 ml of wine in its original packaging.
  • Sales only “in conjunction with and is incidental to the sale of prepared food for take-out.”
  • Sales only until the closure order, or any subsequent order, expires or is terminated or rescinded.
What is not allowed:
  • Sales of hard liquor (although we advocated for their inclusion).
  • Delivery of alcoholic beverages, even with food.


Hotels will need to demonstrate to guests and staff even more than in the past that they provide physical comfort, security, clean and healthy environments, and they tick all of the sustainability boxes in their styles of operation. These will be far more important success factors in the future.
Re-Opening Plan Checklist
Key Questions to Answer
  • Under whose control is the decision when to start re-opening?
  • Who will authorise the programme and the key action steps?
  • Who will have responsibility to coordinate and report on progress?
  • How often will the plan be reviewed and updated?
  • Who will budget and control the costs?
  • How will the re-opening budget be funded?
Task List Content
  • Set a best outcome target date for the re-opening phases and base the planning on this, subject to a regular update
  • Establish policies that will apply during the re-opening period, including credit terms, purchasing and payment term, employee pay and benefits
  • Plan property preparation; re-commissioning of all building management systems; restart contracts; reinstate security and CCTV systems; carry out health and vermin checks
  • Check all physical assets; FF&E placement for re-starting operations
  • Programme systems re-start for all property management, HR, guest and POS, hotel accounting, marketing and reporting systems
  • Plan re-opening staffing; re-commence recruitment; organise on-boarding of furloughed and new employees
  • Schedule restarting of F&B purchasing and supply network
  • Programme all consumable supplies, utilities etc
  • Staged plan for operational re-opening for each department and outlet
  • Programme Marketing and P&R throughout and including the re-launch
  • Ensure external authorities advised as necessary; check licences, permits
  • Prepare a cash forecast for the period and a plan for provision of the required working capital


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