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ACE Hardware is just putting the final touches on their remodeling which included a completely new attractive red exterior, new signs, newly refurbished wood floors where the former Big Apple Roller Rink used to be (you can see the curves on the wood floor where roller skates turned). They also had to take out the old tile and put in all hardwood floors throughout.
FOR THE WARM WEEKEND: While there, we noticed they are fully stocked inside and out with pallets of FERTILIZER, TOP SOIL, MULCH, GRASS SEEDING and NEW MOWERS AND GRILLS.  If your current mower doesn’t start, bring it in now to get it repaired or tuned before the grass grows.  ACE is our top advertising partner for the Home & Garden Expo that allows us to have a 12 page special section in the Star Tribune for the event (which is outside this year at EASTVIEW, MAY 22nd).
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