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NEXT Leaders Young Professionals

The Chamber is here for you!

These dynamic young professionals are emerging business leaders who gather monthly for fun events, which include professional development, motivational speakers, family outings, networking and  community service.

The NEXT Leaders:

  • Are between 21 – 40 years old.
  • Autonomous in that they select their own leadership, activities, speakers, events and strategies.
  • As an Apple Valley Chamber member, being a NEXT Leader is FREE! Many Chambers charge hundreds of dollars (in addition to the Chamber’s annual dues) to belong to their young professionals group. We don’t charge anything!  If your company is a Chamber member, you are in automatically!

Friendships for a Lifetime

The reality is these NEXT Leaders have all become very close friends in just a short time. They are proud that from someone’s first meeting, they will make you feel so welcome as if you had been there for years.

If you are interested in joining the NEXT Leaders, simply send an email to info@applevalleychamber.com to be added to the contact list.