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Here in your hands, is the most powerful economic development tool available. This website and our business directory at the top can set off a chain reaction called the “Multiplier Effect.” It comes down to this:

“Money spent locally, tends to stay here, and re-circulate over and over.”

The “Multiplier Effect” has the greatest impact locally from new money coming into our community. Tourism dollars from the Minnesota Zoo, our hotels and restaurants tend to bring new dollars here and has the greatest multiplier effect – often up to seven times.

Local circulating money keeps circulating and creates jobs, development, loans and growth.

Apple Valley’s success prescribes that you buy locally. It keeps jobs here, keeps talent here, helps your children to return here and ultimately keeps our families and friends here. It is smart business and improves everyone’s quality of life.

It’s all in your hands – literally!

Sincerely hoping you keep it local,

Edward Kearney
Chamber President

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Ed Kearney | Chamber President