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$400,000 In City Grants Planned from $4 Million COVID Fund

Federal money from the CARES ACT had recently distributed money to cities to reimburse COVID-19 related expenses. Each city including those surrounding us are allowed to set their own criteria overall. Cities may use the funds first to reimburse for COVID-19 elated expenses of police, fire, keeping city services operational etc. However Apple Valley is most supportive of committing a share to small businesses, especially those who have not received any grants as of yet at any level.
We spoke two weeks ago at the Apple Valley Economic Development Authority (EDA) made up of mostly City Council. The EDA created a subcommittee who reported detailed criteria for eligibility last night at the Council’s informal meeting, which we attended. Much of the criteria is still being set and should be final by next Wednesday August 19. However overall they will base grantees of the $10,000 grants upon criteria such as which industries are hit hardest, % of revenue lost, full-time equivalent jobs and # of employees (must be less than 50 employees). They are also interested in helping businesses grow by improving or expanding physical measures (i.e. improve patio, HVAC etc.). They will measure your overall score so that one category doesn’t hurt your overall chances. Receipts for the expenses must be made available. A grantee’s business must be located in Apple Valley or if multiple locations, only the Apple Valley location is eligible. The City will score and not use a 3rd party (which most cities use) in order to have even more grant money available to businesses.
By next Wednesday, we should be able to release to you the final criteria and how to apply. It will not be a first come, first serve which prevents a “race” but it may be only a week or two to apply to an initial round of availability. The City has received the money so once applicants are scored and grants are awarded, there will be no delay.
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