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Valley Diner Closes for 2 Weeks for Family Vacation to Egypt

The very successful Valley Diner owned by Tony ElMageed (pictured) spoke with us yesterday at a packed Sunday breakfast, that he will CLOSE FOR 2 WEEKS SO THAT HE CAN BRING HIS FAMILY AND NEWEST CHILD TO EGYPT TO MEET HIS FAMILY. Tony actually used to own the famous Uptown Diner in Uptown Minneapolis before […]

Un Mundo Nuevo Celebrates 6th Anniversary

This past Saturday was supposed to be a celebration in Kelley Park for the staff, students and parents of UN MUNDO NUEVO CHILDRENS ACADEMY, however the rain moved the celebration indoors. It is their 6th Anniversary since opening in Apple Valley in 2015 and are so successful that they are adding a second location on Hwy […]

Parade Cancelled.
Fireworks posponed to July 5