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Can Employers Require Vaccinations?

Can Employers Require Vaccinations?

Can Employers Require Vaccinations?

APPLE VALLEY CHAMBER NOTE: On our Tuesday call with DEED Commissioner Steve Grove, a few of us Chambers asked “IF AN EMPLOYER CAN REQUIRE VACCINATIONS” before allowing employees back to work. If you browse through the info via the link below, you will find the answer for almost any situation as far as what you can and cannot require.
For example, under Vaccinations (Section K-3) Can an employer ask an employee for PROOF OF VACCINATIONS?” Answer: “Yes because you are not asking for specific information on a disability.” We hope you find this key information informative and for you to save as situation arise.
A. Disability
B. Confidentiality
C. Hiring
D. Reasonable Accommodation
E. Pandemic
F. Furloughs
G. Return To Work
H. Age
I. Caregivers
J. Pregnancy
K. Vaccinations
Regarding the question on whether employers can require vaccinations, we checked with DLI (MN Dept. of Labor & Industry) Here is what they shared:
The laws under DLI’s jurisdiction don’t actually address this. The EEOC (US equal Employment Opportunity Commission) has put out guidance that suggests an employer can require a vaccine, but there is a job-specific analysis that needs to be conducted.
It is pretty complicated, which is why we are not really seeing employers imposing the requirement:
Steve Grove | Commissioner
Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development

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