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Dunkin’ Donuts / Baskin Robbins Coming to Apple Valley

On the corner of 42 and Pennock just across from Grace Church and next to Firestone, DUNKIN DONUTS/BASKIN ROBBINS is planning to open (a hybrid location like the one in the photo). A developer has purchased the property and their primary tenant is going to be DUNKIN DONUTS/BASKING ROBBINS. The same has a new location […]

Vacate The Premises Order For Former Ruby Tuesday

One common question we receive is what is going into the former Ruby Tuesday across from the county building. Many businesses have looked at the location but due to the lease being enforced to the end, no one could consider that location.  We found a SHERIFF’S NOTICE TO VACATE WITHIN 24 HOURS on the door this week. We are […]

CRUMBL Cookies Opening Soon in Apple Valley

Founded in Utah in 2017, this rapidly growing franchise is locating in Apple Valley between Panera Bread and Target in downtown Apple Valley in the space previously occupied by Scott Trade. They have 75 locations in 11 states out west, plus newer ones in TX, OH, TN, GA, NC, GA and FL. This is their FIRST LOCATION […]

$400,000 In City Grants Planned from $4 Million COVID Fund

Federal money from the CARES ACT had recently distributed money to cities to reimburse COVID-19 related expenses. Each city including those surrounding us are allowed to set their own criteria overall. Cities may use the funds first to reimburse for COVID-19 elated expenses of police, fire, keeping city services operational etc. However Apple Valley is most supportive of committing […]

Parade Cancelled.
Fireworks posponed to July 5