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DEED Call Notes 7/30/2020

APPLE VALLEY CHAMBER NOTE: Today on the Thursday DEED conference call, there are answers about everything from notary, tax penalties, golf carts, coworkers in same car, private social gatherings and much more. Check these answers out as these are from the Governor’s Commissioners and really rule. —SBRG awardees named by cities (website) —Chamber Mask Disbursement —Licenses, working […]

Data About MN’s Workforce Index, Job Trends, Consumer & Business Spending, & More

APPLE VALLEY CHAMBER NOTE: The Minnesota Chamber has just created a DASHBOARD which puts all the impact numbers in front of you from about every measure you can imagine. Before you make decisions for your organization through this crisis, check out the numbers and graphs.  For example we were surprised how fast the rate of bankruptcy is falling.  We […]

Gov. Walz Announces Plan For Opening MN Schools

APPLE VALLEY CHAMBER NOTE:  Below is a link to the detail but this afternoon, the Governor announced his education plan for students in the fall. Their SAFE LEARNING MODEL will have 3 levels of models:  IN PERSON, DISTANCE LEARNING and HYBRID OF THE TWO. It will depend on local data. If there are 10 positive cases of COVID per 10,000 […]

Parade Cancelled.
Fireworks posponed to July 5