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City Excavates Pond in Front of Municipal Center

No they are not looking for lost treasure or bodies from the winter thaw.  The City is excavating the pond in order to remove accumulated sediment in order to allow the pipes to drain into the pond to flow more freely.  They do similar pond clean outs around Apple Valley every year.

Photo of the Week: March 6th, 2020

While making a trip to Valleywood Golf Course this week, we caught Valleywood staff red handed… checking out our 2020 Membership Directory! They were reading it page by page, which we love seeing. We spend countless hours putting together the annual directory as it is such a useful tool for our members.

UBreakIFix Opens in Apple Valley

With 560 locations including franchise locations, UBREAKIFIX has opened in front of Target downtown Apple Valley next to the Oreck Vacuum Store.  They repair on the same day, phones of any brand, computer screens, tablets and electronic games.  They are based out of Orlando Florida and was started by two young tech guys in 2009 […]

31st Annual Math Fischer Memorial Boy Scout Breakfast

Northern Star Scouting invites you to the 31st annual Math Fischer Memorial Boy Scout Breakfast on Tuesday April 7th from 7 – 8:30 am at Valleywood Golf Course. In 1989, Math Fischer worked with local Scouts of America District Executive to organize a breakfast event to support the Scouts in Apple Valley. The event has […]

Parade Cancelled.
Fireworks posponed to July 5