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New Mexican Restaurant Coming to Apple Valley

El Super Taco is taking over the location of Sotarol Asian Kitchen in front of Cub on Cedar Ave. We spoke to the owner and he intends to be open in 3 weeks. This is their second location with the other being next to Caribou Coffee in Burnsville on the corner of Cliff and HWY […]

Chuck & Don’s Now Officially Open

Chuck and Don’s just opened their doors in Apple Valley next to Cub Foods on Cedar.  We spoke with Store Manager Jeremy Jacobson (above right) and he said they are thrilled to have a store in Apple Valley and encourages you to book your grooming appointments online.  Apple Valley is the only location which offers […]

Board of Directors Retreat at Channel 2

We are proud to take our Board of Directors offsite each year in order to have them strategically think about issues, strategies and new ideas so that our Chamber can better serve you. This year we used the Board Room of PBS TPT Channel 2.  We were welcomed by Melissa Jones (above, center), on-air spokesperson […]

Grand Opening at 360 Communities Family Resource Center

Now triple in size and designed by Apple Valley’s CNH Archtitects, we joined DCR Chamber, Rosemount Mayor Bill Droste and our Senator Greg Clausen in the ribbon cutting. Also present was Apple Valley City Administrator Tom Lawell representing a warm welcome from the City for this shared nearby family resource. Thank you to all the […]

Divine Time Metaphysical Opens in Apple Valley

Located in Times Square, Divine Time is a boutique shop where you can buy metaphysical merchandise and gifts, such as stones, crystals, salt lamps, tarot / oracle cards, sage, essential oils, incense and more. They also host workshops and classes like “Unlocking Your Spiritual Gifts” and “Angelic Soul Readings” which are focused on spiritual development […]

Parade Cancelled.
Fireworks posponed to July 5